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When Gene Ducote, Bengal lover and breeder, realized there where no real valuable sources of information to guide Bengal owners, she wrote "Getting To Know The Bengal Cat". This second edition includes 120 pages, and over 70 full-color photographs from the top breeders in the country, plus all aspects of choosing and caring for your new Bengal.

It's a resource for learning how to truly understand all aspects in owning a Bengal. Did you know that Bengal cats are not afriad of water? Many people do, but did you know that Bengal cats have shorter front legs and a slightly raised hump giving them their stalking appearance? In Gene's book, Getting To Know The Bengal Cat she shares her knowledge of the Bengal cat's history. She helps you better understand the characteristics of the Bengal personality. In it you will find chapters like:

  • Selection & evaluation of your new Bengal | kitten or cat? male or female?
  • Care | Feeding, grooming, training, the litter box, the scratching post...
  • Health | Immunizations to various diseases to avoid!
  • Special chapters for Breeders!

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